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11 weeks and NO ENTRY!

Well, here I am- FINALLY! Happy, and in Nashville! I absolutly LOVE my new job and all my co-workers. I work for High Tech Institute. LOVE IT. I also LOVE my new house, and I'm getting married in 3 months! The guest list is up to 453! Hard to believe huh?! But I'm SO excited! It's amazing to look back on my life- back when I was unhappy with my job, and unsure about my future in Nashville...and realize that my life is (and really still was) TOTALLY AMAZING! Everything is all planned out for the wedding, and I hope that all goes well and according to plan...:) I'm sure that I'll write back in here in another 11 weeks or so! :)

Back in Fondy again!

Here I am back in Fondy after the little "mini vacation" to Michigan. We went to my cousins graduation party, ate at a GREAT resturant, went mini golfing, and had a great time at our hotel! It was just my dad, mom, baby sister (well, she's 14, but STILL my BABY SISTER!) and me. So it was a nice time to just enjoy being with my family before I move! The closing date on the house in Nashville is August 9th! Hard to believe I'll be moving away so soon! And being a HOMEOWNER! How weird huh? But I'm all ready to grow up and be a big girl! So I'm happy to finally be able to sleep in a non-hotel bed! Our beds were comfy, but you know there's a total difference! :) Right now my "baby" sister is out in the livingroom watching tv, and I'm about ready to head off to bed. I'm SO sleepy. 8 1/2 hours of driving will do that to a person! So, off I go to bed! :) 

Good night!
I'm just sitting around at home. I cleaned a lot of the day, and now I'm boiling water to make some YUMMY chessy broccoli soup! YAY! Soon the Smurfs will be on and I'm going to watch that while I'm eating. James has a dinner with his old Fraternity Brothers tonight...no girls allowed. So I'm just going to chill here! At least he won't be home too late...cuz we have a Godiva raseberry chocolate bar that we're going to split!
I'm leaving for Fondy tomorrow! I'll tell all about it I'm sure! Well, The Smurfs has started now, so I'm off!

Home again!

So now I'm home again! I had a great time in Fondy! And I'm going back there on Thursday, because me and my family are going up to Michigan to go to my counsin Kylie's graduation party. Should be a good time. Then I'm staying in Fondy until James gets back from Denver. I was going to go with him, but we both decided that we wanted to save the money! It's the International competition for the Barbershop Society. So it's really gonna be cool. BUT, we have a HOUSE PAYMENT soon! :) SO excited! 
   James and I spent Saturday night at my aunt and uncles' house out in the country! It was SO fun! We ate like pigs, and went cherry picking with my little cousins! (The ones who are going to be standing up for the wedding!) it was great. We played with them and had a super fun time! Then we went to my uncle's beach house, and the whole family hung out on the beach of Lake Michigan! SO fun! 
   Then we made the loooong trip home from Manitowoc to Milwaukee! Then we went for a long walk and rented the movie "Apocalypto". It was actually pretty good. Kinda scary...but good. Then we had a REALLY nice close to our day...enough said!!! :) HA HA HA HA HA! So I'm happy to be home. Even though I'm leaving again in 4 days! Well, I'll just enjoy my time! :)

Thank God for R&R!

I'm in Fondy, and having a TOTALLY great time! Only problem...I miss my James! SUPER BAD! BUT, I'm going swimming and tanning and hiking and having a totally great time here! I just don't get to see James until the 23rd...but I've got a TOTALLY big surprise for him! I'm not even going to write it down here...but it's a big deal. :) I think he's either going to love it...or HATE it...but either way- the emotion will be strong! :) I can't wait to see him! So yeah. I'm off now to do some more swimming. Then tonight Eva and I are probably going to rent a movie or something. Don't know yet for sure. SO yeah. I'm having a great time enjoying basically a summer vacation. The last one that I'm going to have I guess...cuz I'm entering the BIG PERSON WORLD! :) Ha ha ha ha!

At Last...

This was my last day of work! And actually, it really went rather well. I picked up some chicken, cole slaw, and a chocolate milk for dinner. Now I'm going to take a bath, and then I'm going to eat and watch t.v! I'm so happy that I don't work anymore. It just SUCKED. Although, I really am going to miss the people that I worked with. They were so nice to me. And the job itself really wasn't all THAT bad- except that my boss totally dumped on me all the time. But at least I NEVER have to see her again! I don't need her and her high school degree. I decided that that has to be why she ACTS like a high schooler!!! :) ha ha ha ha! Just kidding. Well, off for my bath and food! I'm going to Fondy tomorrow! YAY! I'm so excited! Camping with my mommy and sister this weekend! Should be a GREAT time!!! :D I'm SO HAPPY!!!

Back home

     James and I were in Minnesota for the last few days. Gordy's dad, Ron, died, and we sang at the funeral. It was a nice funeral. And actually, under the circumstances, it was nice to see his family again. I got better aquainted with his sister- she's SUPER cool! :) I like her a LOT!!!! :D I'm totally happy that I'm going to have a great sister-in-law!! 
    James and I went to the party last night that my co-workers were having for me, and my buddy Mike, because we're both leaving.  We had a really great time! Everyone looked SUPER nice! I was so happy, and they gave me a good bye card! Which I thought was really nice because I have only been there for like, 6 weeks! :) But it's really nice to know that my other co-workers hate our boss as much as I do. You know, Mike has worked with our boss for 3 years- and she did NOT come to the party last night. She was OF COURSE invited...but she didn't come. Which, if you ask me, is EXTREMELY crappy, and just shows everyone what kind of person she really is. END OF THAT STORY!
     I only have to work tonight, tomorrow night, Tuesday morning, and Wednesday morning, and then I'm DONE with that place!!! YAY!!! i'm so excited! And me and my mom and sister are going camping on the 9th! I'm pumped!!!! We're going to have such a great time! Well, that's all for now, I'm sure I'll be back on here again soon...especially after I QUIT!!! :D


Going to Minnesota...

I found out today that James' (step) Grandpa, Ron, died this morning at 4. We are going tomorrow to Minnesota for the funeral, which is actually on Friday. James and I are going to sing for it. Should be okay I think. I am really sad about it. Ron was a very nice guy. But...on a happier note- after (MUCH) crap given to me about missing work by bosses and management- I get to miss work tomorrow and Saturday! YAY! I would've had Friday off anyway- but this allows us time to be with his family. Which is nice. So I have Thrusday, Friday, and Saturday off. :) AND on Saturday, all the ppl from the bakery are going out! I hope that James will come with me! That would be SO fun! I totally can't wait! We're gonna have SUCH a super great time! And then next week Wednesday- it's my LAST day in that HELLHOLE! WOOT! And then next weekend, I'm going camping with my mom! Should be a GREAT time! I can't wait! :)

La dee da...

So, nothing that great or exciting happened today! I woke up, ate some stuff, and put away laundry that James did at 5 THIS MORNING! *he is kind of going through some insomnia right now...poor baby!!* so yeah. Then James came home from work at around 1 ish, because the internet was down at work, so he couldn't do anything. So he came home and took me to work...BARF. I worked from 2-8 tonight. It was actually a pretty good shift. Everything got done...or at least i'm pretty sure...I guess I can never be 100% sure that I did a good job anymore!!! :P BARF. but at least I will be out of the HELLHOLE next week Wednesday...and I CAN'T WAIT! urrrgrh. So yeah. I definatly have SUNBURN on my chest and thighs. What weird places to get it huh? I think so! But anyway. I'm totally TOPLESS right now...waiting for the aloe vera to absorb...ahhhh...it HURTS to be BURNED!!!!!! I'm SO HOT! My skin is like,....super heated! :P Dumb burn!
i'm tired and pretty hungry! And James has got practice until late tonight so I won't even see him till WAAAAY later...so...yeah! :)

Memorial Day!

I had a GREAT Memorial Day today! James and I went to the Kohler-Andrae State park and went to the beach ALL DAY! We ate a picnic lunch that I packed for us- which was SUPER good. Sandwiches, pasta salad, chips and dip, and juice boxes! YUMMO! Then we came home, and ordered me some buffalo wings from Applebees! James and I went to the grocery store, so that he could get what he wanted for dinner...some salmon, and other stuff. Then we picked up my food at Applebees carside to go, and came home and ate some MORE! :) It was FUN. Then we had a really good heart to heart talk about people in our lives that have died. Don't know HOW we got on the topic, but it is SO comforting to know that I have someone like my James. I love him with all my heart. I am SO happy that we are going to be MARRIED in 200 DAYS!!! :D YAAAY! Hmmm...then we went to Target...JUST to buy aloe because I actually have a BURN from being at the beach ALL DAY with no  sunscreen! I ended up spending like, $50. I bought a new curling iron, a straightener, and some hair dye! My hair is like, a soft ashy brown- not as dark as it used to be! but I want to gradually go BLONDE!! :D YAY! but it's a really pretty color!! :) ANYWAY. I dyed my hair with James' help tonight! He ROCKS huh?!? LOVE HIM!!! So yeah. It's bedtime. I have to work tomorrow...PUKE. At least I'm done on the 6th of June!!! THANK GOODNESS!!! :D Good night! What a good day!!! :D